Our Company provides a wide range of professional services, covering all the issues connected with electrical engineering – from designing and assembly of the installations up to required service and maintenance thereof:

  • MV and LV power networks
  • Transformer substations of pole-mounted and built-in types
  • MV and LV switchgears
  • Guaranteed voltage grids and installations
  • Power generators and UPS back-up units
  • Cable ducts layouts and cable routes
  • Internal electric wiring systems
  • Internal and external lighting installations
  • Photovoltaics installation systems
  • Earth installation and  equalizer connection systems
  • Lightning arrester installations
  • Building sites power supply systems

Electrical Metrology:

  • Power grid analyses
  • Measurements
  • Project designs

Lighting Techniques:

  • Outdoor objects illumination
  • Emergency lighting and escape routes illumination
  • Intelligent lighting control systems

Electric power operational use:

  • Energy-saving in electrical installations and grids
  • Electric power quality, reactive power management
  • Electric power and energy measurements
  • Power consumption control systems for industry and building engineering
  • Wireless power supply systems
  • electric power audits


We offer also designs and installations of telecommunication and low-current systems for industrial, commercial, service, office and any other objects. All the systems are constructed with a use of certified equipment, manufactured by renowned Polish or world-known companies:

  • structural wiring systems
  • telephonic systems with exchanges
  • cordless telephony systems
  • audio-video systems for public buildings
  • paging and emergency call systems


  • Fire safety systems:
    • Fire signal systems
    • Warning sound systems
    • Smoke removal systems
  • Access control systems
  • Intrusion, burglary and assault signalling systems
  • Industrial television closed-circuit systems


We offer designs of automation engineering systems worked out in compliance with the requirements of civil law provisions as well as the maritime / offshore legislation and under supervision of many recognized classification societies (DNV-GL, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, RINA, , Polski Rejestr Statków , China Classification Society).

Moreover, we offer the systems designed to be operated within explosion hazard zones also complying with ATEX directive and the functional safety systems acc. to ISO13849 / IEC61508.

Our designers work up the electrical engineering documentation applying Zucken E3 software.

The scope of works offered by our Company includes the following issues:

  • Designing of switchgears for automation systems, containing the developed drive start-up systems, equipped with only the electrical or with both – electrical and hydraulic types
  • Designing of the centralized or dissipated industrial processes check-out (control) and monitoring systems
  • Designing of the industrial processes monitoring and visualization systems (HMI, SCADA)
  • Designing of communication networks for automation systems
  • Designing of automation building HVAC units control systems
  • Designing of automation building (BMS) monitoring and visualization systemsWe also work out and provide software to be applied with the above mentioned systems and devices, basing on descriptions of technological processes and we put it into operation.


We offer warranty and post-warranty service.



Our Offer includes a wide range of service activities, routine and supportive for maintenance of electrical and telecommunication systems operation and aimed at gaining maximum advantages from using the equipment throughout the whole its working life time:

  • Monthly and quarterly inspections of electrical, telecommunication and safety installations
  • Periodical inspections of electrical, telecommunication and safety systems installations
  • Service contracts adapted to the individual user’s needs and features of the objects
  • Consultancy – as relates to the following subject-matters:
    • Electric power quality,
    • Electric installation audit,
    • Reactive power compensation,
    • Choice of the optimum power to be contracted for a specific object
    • Connecting receivers and equipment to the network
    • Working out and implementing the systems allowing to increase the objects and installations power efficiency,
  • Repairs and maintenance services to improve the equipment and systems reliability
  • Putting into operation and setting parameters of the industrial and building automation systems
  • Measurements
  • Surveys with a use of thermal camera
  • Tests of the electric equipment use safety, also of a use of welding equipment, acc. to PN-EN 60974-4, PN-EN 60745-1, PN-EN 61029, PN-EN 60950, VDE 701-702, EN 61010, EN 60335, EN 60950, IEC 601.1. Standards
  • Measurements of network parameters and electric energy quality (acc. to European  EN50160 Standard)
  • Selection of batteries for reactive power compensation
  • Technical rescue service


Our Offer comprises prefabrication of electric LV switchgears. The scope of our competence covers designing and assembly of switchgears for both, inland and marine business firms markets. We provide prefabrication of the following equipment:

  • Main power supply switchgears up to 6300 of A
  • General purpose switchgears
  • Banks of capacitors
  • MCC switchgears of panel design
  • Switchgears for automation and control systems and control consoles

Our Clients are offered the complex performance of projects, comprising working out the suitable general outline of the ordered equipment, applicable technical documentation, assembly, tests and the Client’s acceptance and takeover procedure.

Our well-qualified team is experienced in practice in assembly of technologically advanced switchgears. Modern technical equipment allows achieving very short time of order execution, maintaining the product quality at the same highest level. In our production process we keep on based on the equipment and apparatus, manufactured by such renowned producers as Schneider Electric, ABB, Eaton, Siemens, Cubic, Rittal, Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller, WAGO.